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Online tutoring for English and Psychology 

Online tutoring allows you to always have an English tutor near you. I tutor English and Psychology from primary to adult - native, or non-native speakers. Popular areas include: English GCSE, A level English, University support, IELTS, 11+ and proofreading. Even if you generally want to improve your English for your job or want interview advice, then do get in touch. My secret is bespoke lessons which larger companies and agencies can't fulfil.

How online tutoring works...

  • Do you feel frustrated and unable to understand how to progress to the next level in exam classes?

  • Unsure of what you teacher means, or worried about asking in class or working in groups?

  • Struggle with understanding what 'structure' means in GCSE English?

  • Irritated at slow reading and comprehension skills?

  • Feel you are slipping behind and don't know why?

  • Want to improve your promotion prospects but unsure of how to communicate clearly in your business English? 

All of the above zap you of energy, confidence and motivation, so let a specialist identify and support you. I work in a supportive, fun but productive way to help you succeed in your goals.


We will work together using either Skype or another software package where resources can be easily shared. I can send you personalised plans of action to keep you on track between lessons. 



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Online tutoring subjects


  • GCSE, A Levels in English language, literature,

  • University support for essays, lab reports, thesis, article writing, etc

  • IELTS/ELT ...

  • Common Entrance Exams

  • Scottish Highers

  • Business English and communication, including email templates

  • Proof reading

  • Grammar advice/lesson


  • GCSE

  • A Level

  • University support 

Business English

  •  Business correspondence

  •  Report writing

  •  Oral/presentation skills


About me

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Tony  Rating: 5 stars

Very happy with the tutoring I received for my IELTS writing test, it was all via email which suited me so I could study as and when I wanted.

I managed to get level 9 which was more than I needed thanks to Sally.

Eve Rating: 4 stars

Sally is always very prepared for each lesson as well as willing to help outside of the session via text or email. She is always very organised and is helping me immensely with my knowledge of my A level texts.

Jody  Rating: 5 star

Sally is a calm, collected and extremely professional tutor. She has been tutoring my Son with his GCSE English which has helped immensely.

Nicola (Mrs) Rating: 5 stars

Sally is very pleasant and reliable; answering queries promptly. She has great subject knowledge and makes the sessions interactive and interesting. She breaks the subject down and makes it easier to understand. I would highly recommend her.


Having spent years in schools of various types, including private, comprehensive and also referral establishments, I decided the largest impact on a student's learning was with one-to-one tutoring when you can build personalised strategies which work for them and which optimises both their learning and confidence. As a teacher it was becoming increasingly frustrating not having the time for individuals, so I decided to tutor full time. 

I initially qualified at Durham University but since then have gained a MA in Literature, again at Durham Uni, TESOL certification for English as an Academic subject and also a MSc in Psychology.

I have extensive examining experience, having worked for various academic exam boards. This means I can pass on this knowledge and expertise to students in preparation for their exams. Transparency is key to my approach as I believe exams should not be a mystery to students. I build strong relationships with parents, guiding and supporting them to help their youngster wherever possible. 

Beyond teaching, I have worked as a business development manager for SEOs and an academic researcher within Universities.

Anushe Rating: 5 stars

Sally is an excellent teacher. She is a wonderful person as well. She is very friendly and always ready to help.

Khushi Rating: 5 stars

Sally is helping me understand what I use to struggle with. she is easy to speak to and seek advice after a lesson is over with. I personally think the outcome of Sally helping will be good and will be extremely beneficial to me through my preliminary exam just round the corner, so far I would definitely recommend to other students

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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are valid for all tuition from January 2022.

I reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time, parents will be notified before-hand.


  • Clients are required to provide adequate contact details; this will allow effective communication.

  • I will require: postal address, email, home and mobile contact numbers. Please ensure you notify me of any changes as quickly as possible.

Booking and Payment

  • Sessions are charged as per the rates as discussed at time of booking.

  • Sessions are to be paid in 6 session blocks or half-term blocks before sessions commence.

  • Payment for regular tuition is by bank transfer, details as provided. ­

  • All ad hoc/holiday tuition is payable in full within 24 hours of booking.

  • By booking a regular time slot you agree to pay for and attend all available sessions on your chosen day/time each term.


  • Cancelled/missed sessions are non-refundable, as these sessions require a level of commitment; however, due to medical emergencies, I will offer an alternative session if it is possible.

  • Sessions cancelled by me and not rescheduled will be refunded in full or credited to your account.

  • Cancellation of the tuition contract is to be made in writing/email 4 weeks in advance, otherwise any lesson maybe forfeited and payment required.

  • If you choose to cancel a lesson for an alternative activity, the  lesson fee is still payable unless I can reschedule.


  • If your child is unwell for online tuition, please give as much notice as possible. Note other absences at least 24 hours notice is required.

  • Due to COVID-19 all lessons are delivered via Skype or an alternative

Timekeeping and parental involvement

  • All sessions are 55 minutes teaching time, plus 5 minutes verbal feedback time for one hour. Or 25 minutes teaching time and 5 minutes verbal feedback time for a half an hour session.  

  • I reserve the right to charge for meetings in person or via phone/online requested outside of session times.

  • Sessions may not be recorded (audio or video) without written prior consent from myself. 

  • It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure a student is online for the session.

  • I take no personal responsibility for individual exam results but will endeavour to offer my professional advice and opinion regarding likely outcomes.

  • I am always available for questions between sessions via email and aim to respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday. 

Tutoring Works resources

  • Resources that are created by Tutoring Works tuition are the intellectual property of Tutoring Works tuition.

  • Resources or worksheets either sent by email or a paper copy provided are strictly for use for the student intended and who presently receive tuition from Tutoring Works tuition.

  • Any other use of/for the resources must be requested in writing or by email and a reason for their use before permission is granted. Permission will only be granted by email from Tutoring Works tuition.